Fenix notes was designed to be fun and functional at the same time, so even with such a simple task as creating a note, Fenix notes tries to make the experience as joyful as possible without sacrificing performance and functionality.

Sorting notes has never been more fun, just shake you iPhone or iPod Touch and Fenix notes will show you how it sorts through your notes. With Fenix notes you can sort your notes by color, title or date.

Your information is just a keyword away with search, Fenix notes will search through all your notes, searching your notes' titles as well as it's contents.

Portrait or landscape? You choose and Fenix notes will react to your choice. You can create, edit and view all your notes in landscape mode by just turning your iPhone or iPod Touch sideways.

Fenix notes lets you choice from ten beautiful colors, thirteen gorgeous fonts at three different sizes, the possibilities are endless.

Resize your notes using the most common gestures on your iPhone or iPod Touch like pinch-open or pinch-close. Whether your looking for something specific or just skimming through your notes, you'll wonder how you lived without it.

Simplicity and ease of use were the most important design concepts during the development of Fenix notes, inspired by the devices that will host it.

Along with performance, functionality and the overall experience, were the second most important design concepts the were taken into consideration during Fenix notes development.