Fenix notes + 2.0.1 Submitted to the App Store

15 July 2013

Apologies to all the users who have experienced crashes while upgrading. This release fixes it and will be available shortly.

Thank you to everyone who brought this to my attention, through email and the reviews.

As all ways if you have any issues please contact me by email.

Fenix notes lite version 2

15 July 2013

New version out, sorry for the wait. iCloud, iPad, iPhotos and more.

If you have any issues please contact me by email.

Fenix notes update to follow shortly.

New site coming soon

15 July 2013

A new site will be up shortly for version 2.0.

Video Tutorials:

6 April 2009

Checkout the new tutorials page, there's six for now, more on the way. Any suggestions are welcome.

Fenix notes 1.1 should be arriving pretty soon, pending approval from Apple. You'll be able to move your notes around and some pretty advanced sort features for the full version. The lite version now allows to take up to ten notes.

Critical Bug Fix:

7 March 2009

A bug has been fix concerning text input of international text and other special characters such as the Pound and Euro currency sign and bullet points, it should be available to you shortly through the App Store, in the meantime please accept my sincerest apologies and thank you for all your valuable feedback.

Dear Fenix notes user:

6 March 2009

Thank you for your interest in Fenix notes. Apologies for the lack of content on this page, a quick start guide and user manual should be up shortly, in the mean time, when you first launch Fenix notes or Fenix note lite you will see a note called user guide, please read it to take full advantage of your application. Please forward any questions you have to feedback@fenixnotes.com